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Jonas Janssons Wolf från debutsoloalbumet

Jonas Jansson har nyss släppt sitt debutsoloalbum "Together for awhile". En av låtarna heter Wolf.

His heart beats, he is walking.
He searches through his domains.
Stars shines, from clear sky, the night is cold and bright.
He is cold now he is hungry, nothing to eat in sight.
His senses are sharper, for every step he takes.

His heart beats, this winter night
takes the will and strength to stay alive.
This fire burns so strong inside.
A long night, can´t run away from
himself, a wild and free creature.
He will be strong moves as one tonight.

Wild eyes like stars shine they hold a will to live.
A wild will, he might kill, if not he will die.
Listens, with sharp ears, something is moving slow,
an old deer feels no fear too weak to run away.


The forest is silent, the snow is falling down.
Raven is cleaning, this blood mark will soon disappear.
A new dawn is raising, if you listen you can hear his call.
He is lonely, maybe harmless, none can tell,
but time will tell.


Jonas Jansson: Buy the cd from cdon, ginza or Bengans skivbutik. See ya!!

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