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Brevet från EU

Ett brev från EU till Miljödepartementet i förra veckan har fått de svenska Jägareförbunden att gå i taket. (J&J)

Så här lyder brevet. Man märker tydligt ironin t.ex. i kommentaren om kvoten på 32 vargar; att med den kvoten så måste naturligtvis Naturvårdsverket ha ett uppföljningssytem...

Dear Magnus,

I understand that the Swedish authorities are compiling information on all the wolf decisions that will be shared with the Commission shortly. Such compilations are good and they give an overview of the whole situation but in this case the Commission is also in particular interested in the individual decisions (both denied and approved applications).

Commissioner Potocnik made very clear, including to Minister Ek, that the fate of the infringement case depended on the practical application of the rules on protective hunting.

Therefore, we asked that each decision would be forwarded to my case-handler Linda Nylund so that the we could make our own compilation and assessment. So far, the decisions that we have received without having specifically asked for them can easily be counted on one hand.

I realize that the officials in charge of the wolf issue are working under tremendous pressure but the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency must surely have a day-to-day overview of who gave the decision, when and concerning how many wolves, if not for any other purpose then at least to monitor the evolution of the quota of 32 wolves. Surely, SEPA must have the information allowing it to monitor the application of the rules, otherwise the situation would be extremely worrying.

Given the large number of letters and inquiries that we receive from all levels on how the protective hunt unfolds, I must insist that a copy of the individual decisions is sent electronically to Linda at the latest the day following the decision by the County Boards. This would help us continue to manage this difficult case in good faith.

Many thanks in advance.


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